jeudi 28 février 2008

A very good Loire red

Last night, I attended a tasting of the UCL Professor's Dining Club. My friend Kathy Burke, the cellarmistress, had a selection of 13 wines reflecting the diversity of the Loire region: there was a sparkling, dry and sweet white wines, reds made by both Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc, but no rosés. The wine that impressed me the most was a red, which is an achievement for a region mostly known for its refreshing whites and rosés and long lived whites from Chenin Blanc. I have never known anyone who made a point of ensuring their cellar was stocked with Loire reds, but any wine lover with a taste for light, fruity, round, soft, joyful and charming red wines should notice Charles Pain's Cuvée du Domaine 2006, Chinon.

This is the sort of wine New World wine makers would love to make: generously fruity, very fresh and with immediate appeal, it is ready to drink and boasts a very moderate 12.5 % abv. I just phoned the domaine and unfortunately, the wine is not exported to the UK (5.50 euros cellar door). Anyone with an interest in a few bottles or a case should contact me!

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