dimanche 18 novembre 2007

Be secure… and lose all your tasting notes

It happened again last Wednesday. We were tasting Spanish reds. A vast subject, one might say, but on second thoughts, so much of Spanish reds are made of Tempranillo that the tasting could have been a varietal one. Indeed, once all had been tasted and the bottles had been let out of their protective bags, we did realise that all of the wines were made mainly with Tempranillo.

It was a good tasting night. As usual, my two buddies helped me: Jack, my little pda, and TastingBuddy, a wine tasting note software designed to bring the wine trade and wine enthusiast into the 21st century. I have been using the software for a year now and it was one of the best nights of tasting notes ever as all was in harmony: tasting was relatively easy as the wines were more talkative than usual, my newly repaired pda was responding quickly with the stylus now being very precise. It was a real pleasure, wine, machine, technology and man working well and easily together.

I finish tasting all of the wines and fill up my plate of cheese and salad. Others do the same and we chat a little before reviewing the wines. When the time comes, I grab Jack, see the dark screen indicating more than 5 minutes of inactivity, and press the power button. It comes back on but rather than seeing the TastingBuddy Software, I am asked to enter my pin code, to unlock the device. Then, no sight of TastingBuddy, and no response when I try to open the software again. Only by rebooting was I able to open the software again, but my tasting notes were nowhere to be seen...

The point of this post is this:

Security code + device set up to turn off after a few minutes = loss of tasting notes

So beware and do not set up any security systems on your device if you can avoid it. In my book, security set ups, on a device, on a file or a programme, only bring complications (and I could extend this to include security in the work place, on the roads and on the streets). Both heightened technology and security are phenomenons of the 21st century, but the former is a boon while the latter is a curse. Stay well clear of it as much as you can and you will be much happier.

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Lingot a dit...

Toute vérité n'est pas bonne à dire mais il est vrai que les mesures de sécurité nous causent un tas de soucis.
Qui n'a pas connu un blocage face à un Firewall!