mardi 7 août 2007

A right to playful, pleasurable drinking!

As I am in the mood for salvation (see Sauver Cornas below), I might as well carry on and ask you to sign a petition. In London, where thirstly customers abound, mega department store Selfridges has opened a new wine bar, called the Wonder Bar. This is a place for us, taste adventurers, where one can select several of the 52 wines on offer in the 'wine juke box'. To maximise your experience, tasting samples of 25, 75 or 125 ml are available. But here is the catch. A 1995 law designed to protect the customer states that wine can only be sold in quantities of 125 or 175 ml. Thus, the Wonder Bar's tasting portions are illegal. At a time when the British government is trying to curb binge drinking, this law, which stands in the way of educational and responsible drinking, should be amended to include smaller tasting samples. To change this ridiculous and outdated law, sign the petition at Encourage Selfridges' tasting playground and its fun, meaningful, and varied source of wine-drinking.

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