mercredi 12 septembre 2007

Wine Blogging Wednesdays, my first time

For edition 37 of the Wine Blogging Wednesdays (WBW), Dr Vino invites us to taste wines made from indigenous varieties. This is my first participation to WBW and here are the wines I have tasted for this post:

Lledoner Pelut 2003, Domaine de la Colombette, Vin de pays des Côteaux du Libron, France

On the nose, this wine has a rather pronounced and curious mixture of lead pencil and savoury herbs, candied red berries, mint and a little sandalwood. Definitely expressive and complex. The wine is a pleasure as it is ready to drink: the tannins and the fruit are still very present, but the wine is just showing weak signs of an imminent decline (6 months perhaps). The palate is strongly herbal with lead pencil notes and although being somewhat rustic, this Lledoner Pelut is so well made that it remains elegant. Good length. A particular interesting and enjoyable wine.

After much debate regarding to the meaning of indigenous, I chose to include the Roussanne below. I was questioning Roussanne's claim to be called indigenous: is it too well known, too much grown outside of France, its homeland? I concluded that all grape varieties have their origin in a country. Cabernet Sauvignon is indigenous to Bordeaux as Nero d'Avola is indigenous to Sicily. If the meaning of indigenous is that a variety is coming from and is almost solely grown in a particular country, then Roussane is certainly a potential candidate. Here you go...

Barrel Selection 2003 Low Yield Roussanne, Domaine Sainte Rose, Vin de pays des Côtes de Thongue, France

The nose is broad and fine, very rich and buttery, with noticeable oak. On the palate, it is dry with with plenty of citrus fruit which, coupled with the rich, broad texture of the wine, reminded me of Hunter Valley Sémillon. Buttery oak. Very well-made, original and alternative for lovers of BFC (Barrel Fermented Chardonnay) on the lookout for something new.

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Peter May - The Pinotage Club a dit...

I've never come across Lledoner Pelut -- but I know well the Domaine St Rose wines. Its onw of my favourite wineries-- the Roussane has gathered several awards and I really enjoy their Garrigue

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