lundi 17 mars 2008

Wine silence and two more Grenaches

Yesterday, something rather very rare happened to me. I did not drink wine, not a sip, tasted or swallowed. This is normally what happens when I do not have dinner at home or at a friend's. It was liquid silence all around, but for a very good cause, that of music. Daniel and I went to the Union Chapel to hear Colleen, a French electronica artist and one of my favourite musicians these days. It was a treat to see this shy, unassuming and serious young woman perform her magic, for she crafts sounds, having an affinity with them that few of us have. She records a track and builds onto it, reaching a great degree of harmonious richness. Her music is also very feminine, never heavy nor imposing, soft yet intense. She uses the guitar, the clarinet, the viol, chimes and music boxes to achieve this orchestral intensity on her own. She records on the Leaf Label and is well worth investigating, if you want to get away from the beaten path. And now, two more of the Grenaches that will be part of the tasting next week will be revealed. One was a gift from my friends from Perpignan, and the other could only have been purchase in a London shop. Which is which?

2 commentaires:

Iris a dit...

Le coq, qui cri sa gloire avec vive la différence du Cape ne peut venir de Londres, I pressume:-)

gare aux goûts a dit...

You got it Iris! Un vin original comme ce grenache blanc sud-africain qui s'appelle 'Vive la différence'ne peut avoir été acheté qu'à Londres. Curieusement, je ne suis pas certaine qu'on retrouve beaucoup de Banyuls chez les marchands londoniens.