lundi 3 mars 2008

A Taster's Christmas

Last Friday, at the flat, Daniel and I hosted 11 tasters from my wine tasting group for a belated Christmas tasting that could not take place in December because too many tasters were away. As you will see below, we had a very good evening. Each taster was asked to bring a festive wine along with matching food. Most of us did not make any tasting notes because we did not have a table big enough to sit everyone around it. Holding plate and glass without dropping nothing on the floor was hard enough without trying to write your impressions. Afterall, this was also a celebration, a party and drinking was in order. The downside is that I can not report with great details on any of the wines. But, not to forget the evening and its wines, I post here the pictures of the labels and will only name my favourites (which could have been slightly different should I have taken notes): Zeyssolff Riesling Grand Cru Zotzenberg 2000, Marina Cvetic Trebbiano d'Abbruzo 2002, La Tour Carnet 2003, Haut-Médoc; Matusalem.

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